About The Director

Md M Moni is the founder and director of Ishwardi English Language Center (IELC), Born in Bangladesh in 1983. He is the dreamer of IELC which is designed with comprehensive and authentic materials of learning and improving spoken English extensively. Md Moni is a great motivator and public speaker since 2008. He conducted more than fifty public lectures in different topics about LIFE, SUCCESS, WINNER Vs LOSER and so on. He is a computer engineer and currently lives in the USA and works at CNN as Sr. Quality Analyst. His unique teaching techniques inspiring students a lot. Following several sustained periods of depression, at the age of 27, Md Moni experienced an enlightenment that dramatically changed the course of his life. His subsequent spiritual teachings have focused on awareness of the present moment, freedom from negativity, and the attainment of inner peace.
Md Moni’s presentations are fun and high energy, He creates a powerful audience experience every time he speaks.